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The boat - is a 36 foot Ketch Westerly Conway which we acquired in 2001 and are on
to equip for long journeys. See more about the boat under the photo gallery!
Equipment - The following instruments are available in the boat: AIS, Radar, VHF, Log, depth gauge, wind indicator,
autopilot, weather fax, gps stationary, GPS handheld and computer with chart software 2 pcs. Of course so
There are other safety equipment on board such as fire extinguishers, emergency blows and life jackets.
Dive compressor - purchased as late as 2005 and only driven 20 hours.
It has equipment to fill 200 bar and 300 bar, it takes about 20 minutes to fill a 300 double 4.
Gummijolle - for seating for 4 - 5 people, with outboard Yamaha 4 horses.
Sleeping aboard. - in the forefront there is room for 2 people, in the lounge you can sleep 2 in
the port and 1 person in the starboard, in the aft cabin there is also a bunk.
The aft cabin is reserved for skipper with wife.
Pegasus - is the name of the boat. Many believe it means the Greek winged horse,
but we see it as a constellation which it may also mean.

Total refurbished engine MD17D 2008

We have replaced the following in the years preceding 2009:
Anchor Brus with electricity Earlier it was a handled thing that drew a QR anchor.
New instruments wind, log and depth
Drawing of new electricity largely to all consumers
New dashboard with power switch
New batteries 75 Am to start 5 pcs 95 Ap to consumption in 2 different banks
Batery charger 5 * 95Amp
Overcoat of all cushions
Anchor on stern pulpit
New compass
New heater
Water heater
Lanterns low energy
Indoor Lighting
New products that were not there before
Diving compressor and equickment
Point your bathing platform
New circuit that controls charging.
New mattresses to lie on the aft cabin
Anchor on the aft pulpit
Salt water pump (for kitchen o flushing of tires and septic tank)
Septic tank
Solar cells 2 pcs
Computer for navigation
AIS and GPS antenna.
Shower on the bathing platform and ny step.
New sprayhood. Ready before departure, we ordered a small cover that covered a small part of the cockpit (it became a heater used both in port o under sailing.
New seal (less cross sail). The solution became a used roller coaster in Finike.
What remains to be done as intended to do is as follows:
What we had a problem with during the sailing season
The stockfish fleeing new layers is in progress (we hope "Greeks are involved"). Fixed in Turkey
Water tank (fresh water) leaking, a new job for Runo in the fall. Received this change in Finike
Gummijolle that leaked for the most part

Start battery new. Batery charger 5 * 95Amp
Seal rolling (will buy new stock and renovate). Made in Finike!
New LED lights on everything that lights up.
Toatank o hoses reattached.
Fridge that draws too much power, invested in a new Isoterm for built-in box (installed 2012).
Broken zippers to sprayhood, which must be repaired.
Saltwater pump that started leaking in the middle of the night could lower the boat! (new 2012)
Generator that stops charging, we fixed it quite easily with a new diode bridge - so it was clear.
The rubber guns that have leaked air and once again did not start the engine again after that tour - a new valve will work it again.
AIS stopped giving their own position, got help via mail with Tru Heding, it turned out to be a little oxide on a link that is now being remedied, very useful gadget.
Power that does not give 220 power longer, consider using it as an anchor
Water leaked. bad connections! Fixed in Turkey.
Toilets slammed again in hoses.
Gasol stove that ended (25 years old). New in Portugal.
Ankerspiel that is worn together (8 years old Quick under tire assembly)
Went to the mesanmast that almost went off.
The pier, which has been hit a number of times, was last repaired in Italy
Pointing, stuck with the anchor upon addition, got the weld a bit and work it again
Diesel pump, new spare parts are ordered
Water pump, bought a new one
Renovation of sprayhood.
Renovation of sail.
New gangway, down here you go to the quayside, so a good gangway is required.
New Anchor Delta
Osmosis treatment (partly) done in Finike winter 2016.
Replace the piece of anchor chain, the old roasted pieces
2 new solar panels of 90 watts mounted on the 2016 rake in Finike.