Equipment in English

         ""Sorry English comes from Google translation!""

               The boat - is a 36 foot Ketch Westerly Conway 36 and equipped for long haul.

                         Equipment - the following instruments are found in the boat: AIS, Radar, VHF, Log, depth gauge, wind indicator,

         autopilot, weather fax, gps stationary, gps hand-held and computer with charting software.

         On-board safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, emergency flares and life jackets.

         Rubber dinghy - accommodates 3 people, with outboard Yamaha 4 horses.

         Sleeps on board. - in the front room there is room for 2 people, in the salon you can lie 2 in

         portboard berth and 1 person in starboard berth, into the aft cabin there is also a berth.

         aft cabin is reserved for skipper with wife.

         Pegasus - is the name of the boat


We have replaced the following over the years that have passed.


                         We have replaced the following over the years: Total refurbished engine MD17D 2008

         Anchor Delta with electricity.

         New instruments wind, log, depth and autopilot


         Pulling of new electricity largely to all consumers

         New dashboard with switch

         New batteries 75 Am for starting 5 pcs 100 Amp for consumption

         Battery Charger

         Upholstery of all cushions

         Anchor on stern pulp noise

         New compass

         New heater webaso

         Water Heater

         Lanterns low energy

         Indoor lighting jed.


New products that were not there before.



M Microwave

         Pointing and bathing platform

         New circuit that controls current charging.

         New mattresses to lie on in the aft cabin

         Anchor on aft pulpit

         Salt water pump (for kitchens and flushing of tires and septic tank)

         Septic tank with tire clearance

         Solar cells 2 pc 45w + 2 pc 90w



         Computer for navigation

         AIS and GPS antenna.

         Shower on bath platform.

         Spray hood.

         New seal (smaller cross sail)

         Cooling box with asu




charcoal grill, mooring rope in quantities, spare tins 5pcs, boat shake, buoy hook, drive anchor, various chemicals, funnels, trolley, gas oil tubes 3, auxiliary seals, gutters, gutters for the knife, storm seals, trochan to the messan, storm seal.


EI; Drill, Angle grinder, jigsaw, grinder, universal saw,

Hand; Metal saws, wood saws, pliers in all models, complete wrenches, wrenches, socket wrenches, hammers, chisels, pipe pliers, bolt shears and more. models, complete wrenches, wrenches, socket wrenches, hammers, chisels, pliers, bolt shears, etc



Diving equipment;


Vest, costume L 9mm, suit thin short sleeve L, costume long legs thin size XL, Fins, Knife, Lamp,

Harpoon, fishing rod, tow, hook, chop hook.



Other equipment;

Plates, glasses, coffee cups cutlery, utensils, pots, frying pans, pressure cookers etc. Gas shut off, gas heater.

Vacuum suction for plastic bags, electricity; whisk, kettle, sandwich grill, hand blender, vacuum cleaner,

Pilot books across the Mediterranean, Spare parts in quantities! Deaf for dinghy.

V-belt, impeller, anode, electric cable, new water tanks